Jennifer Brundle

Jennifer BrundleJennifer Brundle is a writer, working on her first two novels at just 21 years of age. She also works as a wedding assistant, a projectionist and Front of House in the The Little Theatre in Bath.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. When friends and teachers enjoyed reading my stories, it spurred me to focus on getting the right qualifications to study Creative Writing at University. Through hard work I’ve learnt so much about what I can do, although I am still learning. Whilst I was studying for my A-Levels, I spent a lot of my free time writing fan fiction; not a very skilled writing platform, but it’s great practice and you build up a following of readers who, if they like you and your work enough, will continue to follow your writing as you progress.  (more…)

Alison Rowley

Information by Alison Rowley

Alison RowleyAlison is an online and magazine journalist. In her own words, she ‘will write about music, ents, fashion and beauty for anyone who’ll have me. (inc. Digital Spy/Popjustice/ELLE/Red/Company/Closer)’

Even when I was really young, I was always writing – stories, poetry and even my own little ‘magazines’. I decided to study English at university and then joined the student paper in my second year. By the time I entered my final year, I had decided that journalism was something that I wanted to pursue as a career.


The Best of the Skateboarding Blogs

Sport by Liv Williams

Liv is an extreme sports fanatic, and founder of

Bet you were holding your breath for April’s Blogspurt, anticipating the excitement of flicking through the news and videos, but as there wasn’t one and you’ve been holding your breath for an entire month, means you’re probably dead… I was off gallivanting in waves instead of blogging, but I’m paying for it now with my ankle on ice after getting mashed by a wave earlier this week. So you’re dead, I’m injured.

So whilst recovering, (more…)

Kate Lawson

Fashion by Kate Lawson

Kate LawsonKate Lawson is Fashion & Lifestyle Editor for online magazine The Arbuturian and a freelance style and pop culture writer, whose work has appeared in/on HuffingtonPostUK, Metro Newspaper, Huh Magazine,, ELLE Poland,, Futurespace Magazine and Spindle magazine, amongst others. 

She is also Editor of, a daily blog which explores the worlds of art, photography, design, music and fashion; and she also created the Tumblr, ‘Feeling Is The New Black’, in which she collates a visual series of her interests and passions. (more…)

Pariss Sloan

Information by Pariss Sloan

Pariss SloanFounder of Independent-Mind, a lifestyle blog.

Confidence. Have confidence and the rest will fall into place. Believe you have something new and special to bring to the table – sure there are loads of other talented writers out there! If you don’t believe in your abilities and really apply yourself, success won’t occur. This also means many sleepless nights in my case, sometimes I only manage a couple of hours a night due to my workload – but I’m happy to do it to reap the rewards. My recent stint as Editorial Editor for Tirade Magazine ( is proof of this; it’s been incredibly rewarding being stretched in terms of writing, creative planning and research. I hardly slept leading up to the launch date – a multitude of things to consider constantly swimming through my mind – but I enjoyed every second of it! (more…)

Sonida Goraj

Fashion by Sonida Goraj


Sonida GorajSonida Goraj is a 22-year-old recent Journalism graduate. She works for an online social networking company and part time alongside a fashion photographer; she is the voice behind fashion/creative blog ‘DejaVU_voyage’.

The online fashion community has changed rapidly over the years, no doubt about that. It is because it has become a lot broader. Undoubtedly it has become a lot easier for anyone to take part within the fashion online community, resulting in a lot of competition amongst fashion bloggers. But this is a positive thing, because it is always interesting to see how people have such different and unique fashion tastes. As a blogger I love interacting with people all over the world and them checking out my blog. (more…)


Fashion by Abisola

AbisolaAbisola, or Abimarvel as the majority of her readers refer to her, is a 20-year-old creative type! Loving all things fashion, photography & music related, she launched the ‘I am Abimarvel’ blog back in 2008:

So when I started my blog I was in just about to complete my GCSEs; it was a way for me to just have fun and blog about cool stuff I liked. Over the years I took it more seriously and so did the industry. There was a time where being a blogger was a big deal, I’d go places and people would say ‘you’re the future, tell me all about blogging, I’m intrigued,’ then literally everyone started blogging – brands, people, everyone! Then a sort of negative connotation became attached to bloggers, we were no longer seen as reliable. Once I suppose you filter through to the serious, professional bloggers, who work hard and genuinely love blogging, then you’re okay. Brands are cool with you, people respect you and you get to work just the way you planned. (more…)

Chris Moran

Sport by Chris Moran

Chris Moran 1Chris Moran British Pro-Snowboarder talks about the sport, drinking and prepping for success.

Snowboarding is usually done at altitude, so back in the day we always knew the benefits of drinking plenty of liquids. You really couldn’t hike a pipe or get back to the top of a cliff if you were dehydrated, and you start panting really fast when you’re high up the mountain. When camelbacks came out, which enabled riders to drink constantly whilst riding (there’s a tube straw that you can clip to a shoulder strap which access a fluid pouch usually stored in a close-fitting backpack) snowboarders were all over them.  (more…)

Wendy H. Gilmour

Fashion by Wendy Gilmour

Wendy H GilmourWendy is the author behind the Thankfifi blog; was born from the encouragement of a friend, over coffee and a chat.  

I think in the fashion world and the way brands work with ambassadors there has been a real shift towards ‘reality’. Previously brands worked with big name models but lately I see brands collaborating with celebrities and now bloggers. I think brands realise that by reaching out through bloggers their market gets a sense of how their pieces would really work in a true situation – how they could mix them into their own wardrobe. With regard to the negative and positive feedback, I think things are a bit different for bloggers. Whilst we are subject to some level of scrutiny from our readers they equally expect us to be real and appreciate different styles, shapes and sizes. (more…)

Laetitia Wajnapel

Fashion by Laetitia Wajnapel

Laetitia WajnapelLaetitia Wajnapel is a Parisian journalist living in London. She started the blog in 2007. She now works as a freelance Editorial & Creative Consultant and writes for Glamour UK.

I started my blog in 2007 and the online fashion world has changed an awful lot since then. The fashion blogosphere has exploded, with a strong group of professional and semi-professional bloggers being internationally accepted by the Fashion industry. Blogging has earned its place as a viable alternative to traditional fashion press. Magazines have also capitalised on their online editions, smartphone apps etc. to widen their audience and add some more immediacy to their content.