Jon Hornbuckle

Entertainment by Jon Hornbuckle

Jon is a freelance showbiz/entertainment journalist; he is also a music and Film critic, working in TV and Radio, and often interviews celebrities.

It all began with one night of work experience after months of sending emails… I was sent to interview Beverley Knight in a swanky central London hotel. I must have done something right because the same newspaper asked me to do more interviews for them the very next night and before I knew it I was being approached by several major magazines and newspapers.

Last winter I started working in radio at Capital FM and I am currently developing some exciting documentaries for TV which I will produce and present! At the moment there seems to be a new opportunity almost every day!

There isn’t really a formula to success, especially not in terms of working in the entertainment industry but two of my top tips would be to never turn down any opportunity that comes along and to be prepared to work for free whilst you’re establishing yourself.

There have been so many highlights already in the past 18 months – I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the best talent on the planet who I have grown up admiring, such as Justin Timberlake, Steven Spielberg, Katy Perry and most of The Avengers!

Then in May of this year I had the greatest adventure of my life when I was flown first class to try out the new Transformers roller-coaster at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. It was crazy but proof that if you put in the work, anything can, and will, happen. To keep up with my latest news follow me on Twitter @JonHornbuckle

When work is interviewing celebrities at trendy parties, alcohol can seem like just another part of the job…there is a seemingly endless supply of alcohol flowing and usually, all for free. I learnt pretty quickly that I would have to watch how much I drink when working. It’s important that I never feel pressured into drinking if I have an important meeting or interview the next day and no matter how busy I have been in the day, I always have to make sure I have eaten food before I get to the event otherwise the alcohol will have more of an effect on me and I simply won’t be able to do my job!

Because of the work I do and the reputation of the companies I represent, even when I have time for drinking socially, I still have to behave and remain in control, you never know when you might bump into a colleague!!

I always have a great time, but learning how to moderate means a night never takes a turn for the worst!

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