Liv Williams

Sport by Liv Williams

Liv is an extreme sports fanatic, and founder of

I’ve always participated in all sorts of sports but was particularly eager to do more alternative activities. When I was little, I’d eye up a cliff overhanging a water-filled ravine and within a minute or two I’d be jumping off, I’d sneak onto private property and company owned dams to jump from their highest structures into the water, charge into caves and squeeze myself through narrow black gaps (what I found out later was called pot-holing). I was brought up on the West Wales coast so to entertain ourselves my friends and I would find things to paddle around on in the summer, explore derelict buildings in the middle of the forest, and skateboard behind cars. Normal kids’ stuff…often with official personnel shouting in the distance! I enjoy nature’s elements, whether it be freezing and icy, snowy conditions, hot and desert-like, gale force winds – I never feel more alive than when nature is raging! You feel the full force of it and suddenly just like when doing adrenaline activities you feel the element of fear creep in. I guess, just like everyone else who enjoys action sports, I enjoy pushing physical boundaries in extreme environments.

I’m a pretty vocal person and realised a couple of years ago that I had some things I wanted to say about extreme sports and the action sports lifestyles in general, so I started the iLivExtreme blog and it was only once I’d started and people began reading it that I realised that there weren’t many female voices giving their opinions in the industry, that was more of an observation than a motivational factor, but people seem to like reading, which is awesome! Although blogging is time consuming, it’s pretty easy to do as so many incredible people are creating videos, giving interviews, writing content and the industry is spewing out content from all corners of the globe. Since the birth of the blog I’ve been contacted by well-known energy drinks companies, action sports PR companies, skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, extreme sports festivals, film-makers and photographers (from all over the world). My eyes have been opened to the sheer volume and widespread interest people have for the industry, as well as the awesome power it holds to inspire people to live their life on their terms.

The extreme sports industry is an industry, which is not only full of people who give the conventional way of life the finger but also who want to push the envelope, be it on the snow packed half-pipe, in the skatepark, big wave surfing or simply by not being dictated to by cultural conventions such as having a mortgage, working a 40-hour week in a job you’re not all that enthused by, the list goes on.

As in any youth and urban focused industry there’s a lot of alcohol and partying involved. Alcohol brands are now a regular feature at action sports events and I think there’s a place for it all. What it boils down to is individuals taking responsibility for themselves and recognizing that being mullered is actually pretty boring for everyone around you and means that you can’t be on top form for things you want to participate in, in your own life.

I’m very lucky in that I don’t like the taste of alcohol that much, I have the occasional beer but most of the time I’d prefer a fruit juice, not very rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s just the way it is. I have personal family reasons for not even wanting alcohol in the house in fact, really dark, negative and destructive things I’ve seen and experienced which are completely and utterly caused by alcohol.

You’ll always see the people at the top of their game depicted as partying like rockstars, a lot of them do, but equally when it’s time to focus on the job in hand, the competition, the big prize, touring, wanting to catch the eye of the industry sponsors, they’re focused animals and get the job done, no distractions. When alcohol plays a big part in your life, you’re not really living life to the full are you… and that in itself goes 100% against what extreme sports is about.

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