Michelle Chai

Fashion by Michelle Chai

Michelle is a fashion and food enthusiast, and founder of Daisybutter, a UK-based fashion and style blog (recently shortlisted for the ‘Best Fashion Blog’ in the Marie Claire Blog Awards 2012).

I’m Michelle. A girl with a blog and a wardrobe full of clothes and handbags that I just couldn’t leave unattended in a shop.
Over the years, the online fashion world has gained pace and excitement: social media has sent the fash pack into somewhat of a frenzy, and there is always something new in the fashion world to consume, get involved in etc. Something that is both positive and negative is the saturation of online fashion platforms; there are so many ways to express your style and contribute to the industry, whether through a platform like Lookbook or through a personal blog, that sometimes information and voices get lost in the mix.

Since I began blogging, there have been lots of trends that have come and gone, and others that I dub ‘blog famous.’ Top of the list at the moment would be JC Litas and American Apparel Disco Pants; I don’t know what it is about them, but every blogger seems to own a variation of each! Ombre hair is another trend that Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast began, only for it to trickle down to other bloggers, and finally into print media.

Visitor friendly content that I’ve noticed generally seems to be targeted to two main areas: celebrity fashion, i.e. Get The Look, etc. and personal style. They are arguably the two most popular and intriguing types of content to read across all fashion media, but those are the types of features and posts that are the most popular on my own blog.

If you’re thinking of joining the ranks of fashion bloggers, don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. Start a blog, and begin filling it with your own tastes, interests, words and photographs. While you might not begin with a particular direction, it’ll soon mould to your personality and personal fashion style, and people will sit up and hear you.

I’ve achieved some amazing personal goals this year and hand-in-hand with that came reducing my alcohol intake to next-to-teetotal – a huge feat for a final year student! Alcohol currently plays a very small, sociable role. I limit my intake to a glass or two, and much prefer being myself as opposed to myself and then some!

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