Chantelle Znideric

Chantelle Znideric is the award-winning personal stylist & founder of highly acclaimed TopStylista Image Consultancy and UK fashion blog

The fashion world is a challenging industry to crack. The fact that it’s forever changing is a positive, but it moves incredibly fast from one season to the next. Online fashion businesses constantly need to innovate, employ a dedicated team that understand these changes and have an endless budget to set aside for sustainability. There’s no doubt about it, if you have a passion you have to follow your dreams, keeping positive is key and learning how to network as much as you can – you never know who you’ll meet who could potentially help you achieve greater things. One of the major things for breaking into the fashion industry that I’ve learnt along the way is to trust your own judgment and stay true to who you are. Fashion is expressive and creative, and will essentially reflect you and your end product or service!

My daily schedule is manic most of the time so being able to think clearly and achieve my personal goals is highly important to me. Since starting up my businesses (over 5 years ago) and also having a baby, I have toned down my approach to going out and drinking. Knowing the effects of having an inconsolable hangover can definitely limit my ability to perform my best at work and that sucks, especially when people are relying on you – it’s just not worth it, as it all lies on my head! I’m limiting my alcohol intake by cutting out drinking most evenings at home and not binge drinking with friends on a night out. I restrict any sniff of alcohol to a delicious flute of champagne, favourite glass of wine or fruity cocktail when socialising with close friends and family. These occasions are special to me, they’re few and far between and I like to be able to remember them!

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the online fashion world, with more choice and functionality to ensure online shopping provides convenient solutions to potential shoppers. This is due to the majority of us having access to smart phones, iPads and free WiFi, which makes connecting to our favourite sites instantaneous. We can also see immediate coverage of the latest shows, keep up-to-date with hot trends and read with interest the most popular fashion blogs. There’s also an opportunity to part take in social media by following our favourite designers or models on Twitter, play fashion orientated games and share content, join a community of our most loved brands on Facebook and be part of and access the world of fashion within one click. These aspects are all positive in their own way, as brands are essentially building up their online presence by being social and connecting with potential consumers. However, whilst consumers are spending time being social with their favourite brands online it still seems like they are being more cautious about spending in actual stores on the high street (even when there’s a sale!), which in my mind is a real negative.

I had a great time hosting the House of Fraser Style Workshops at Croydon Fashion Festival in June 2009:

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