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Pariss SloanFounder of Independent-Mind, a lifestyle blog.

Confidence. Have confidence and the rest will fall into place. Believe you have something new and special to bring to the table – sure there are loads of other talented writers out there! If you don’t believe in your abilities and really apply yourself, success won’t occur. This also means many sleepless nights in my case, sometimes I only manage a couple of hours a night due to my workload – but I’m happy to do it to reap the rewards. My recent stint as Editorial Editor for Tirade Magazine ( is proof of this; it’s been incredibly rewarding being stretched in terms of writing, creative planning and research. I hardly slept leading up to the launch date – a multitude of things to consider constantly swimming through my mind – but I enjoyed every second of it!

Writing is something that I have always found myself drawn to; I was that child waiting for summer so I could head for the garden and engross myself in a book in the shade whilst my cousins would be playing rounders. I never went anywhere without my notebook, constantly jotting down ideas for short stories or poems. Writing therapy I like to call it, my vice; whether I’m stressed, happy, sad – I write. I never really saw it becoming more than a hobby, but thankfully there are innumerable outlets across the world for writers to showcase their talents. Lifestyle journalism always attracts a large number of fans.

I love to dance, I love music, and I love to socialise. There is a bar in the O2 Arena that I regularly visit to let my hair down and enjoy the good music. I’m happy to sip on lemonade all night and indulge in some rather questionable singing, and just unwind. I love the feeling of leaving a bar sober after having a great night out and knowing that in the morning I can still get up at a decent time and enjoy the rest of my weekend! I can’t pretend to be a huge health or fitness freak, but I am aware of just how fattening alcohol is, and how sluggish it makes my body feel if I drink too often.

I used to think that alcohol gave me confidence, that it somehow brought me out of my rather tightly sealed shell. These effects are more to do with the subconscious than anything else. It all really comes down to confidence and personal insecurities. In my teens I was always quite shy, so when I was 18 and started going to clubs and bars, I was under the impression that by having a drink or two I’d find the confidence to dance and let my hair down. So I would probably tell my 20-year-old self to invest in some ‘me time’, and learn sooner that I don’t need to mask my insecurities with alcohol. In fact, I’ve definitely outgrown that fear now – I’m always the first on the dance floor, with or without a drink in my hand.

Tips for working hard? My mind is the main tool of my trade, so being alert and focused are important to me.  My hope and aim is to forge a lasting and successful career in my field, so I take my lifestyle seriously. I don’t overindulge in anything that may hinder my progress, for example booze, which plays a moderate role in my life. I’m not a saint though, and have to admit having one too many in the past, which wasn’t worth the embarrassment that came with it. Plus my uncles own a handful of pubs and bars between them – growing up witnessing first-hand the effects of overconsumption is enough to put me off. I do enjoy the occasional tipple on social occasions, but I certainly know my limits.

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