Sonida Goraj

Fashion by Sonida Goraj


Sonida GorajSonida Goraj is a 22-year-old recent Journalism graduate. She works for an online social networking company and part time alongside a fashion photographer; she is the voice behind fashion/creative blog ‘DejaVU_voyage’.

The online fashion community has changed rapidly over the years, no doubt about that. It is because it has become a lot broader. Undoubtedly it has become a lot easier for anyone to take part within the fashion online community, resulting in a lot of competition amongst fashion bloggers. But this is a positive thing, because it is always interesting to see how people have such different and unique fashion tastes. As a blogger I love interacting with people all over the world and them checking out my blog.


I would describe my fashion style as classic, glamorous, yet casual at the same time. At times I love wearing denim, with graphic t-shirts, combined with glamorous makeup and hair.

A few trends I found to be most popular are the ones that feature my styling on various shoots. They are always the most interesting, because the outfit includes the model and a professional set.

I would advise anyone who loves fashion, and loves talking about fashion to not hesitate to create a blog of his or her own tastes; simply add your own flavour to regular posts. Be real to yourself and what you like, don’t try to shape your fashion according to what others expect you to blog about, as well as finding your own writing style.

Alcohol has never been a big part of my life; I have never once been drunk to the point where I felt sick. I like red wine and drink it on special occasions and that’s about it. Alcohol has never been something that I have ever needed to work around my personal goals and ambitions. Personal goals and ambitions should come before any drink you may decide to have.

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