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Fashion by Wendy Gilmour

Wendy H GilmourWendy is the author behind the Thankfifi blog; thankfifi.com was born from the encouragement of a friend, over coffee and a chat.  

I think in the fashion world and the way brands work with ambassadors there has been a real shift towards ‘reality’. Previously brands worked with big name models but lately I see brands collaborating with celebrities and now bloggers. I think brands realise that by reaching out through bloggers their market gets a sense of how their pieces would really work in a true situation – how they could mix them into their own wardrobe. With regard to the negative and positive feedback, I think things are a bit different for bloggers. Whilst we are subject to some level of scrutiny from our readers they equally expect us to be real and appreciate different styles, shapes and sizes.

For the last couple of fashion seasons I’ve noticed a lot of leather and am pleased to see the trend set to continue with lots of well-cut minimal pieces for Autumn/Winter season 2012. Posts which have been most popular on Thankfifi tend to demonstrate a new way to wear a classic piece like this layered dress and knit which combined the camouflage trend set to be big next season with a simple white slouchy knit:









My most commented on post was ‘Firecracker’ which I suspect was because we chose a wonderful location to show off the dress http://www.thankfifi.com/2012/08/firecracker/.








At the weekend I enjoy a G&T or two but tend to cap it there. There’s nothing worse than waking up regretting that last drink; it’s a waste of a day and I have too much to do!

Have a vision and believe in yourself – there will be plenty of knocks along the way so remaining confident and focused is important…and work hard! Nobody said it would be easy.

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